Careful! Damage to device caused by water intrusion.

  • After mounting, ensure that the cable entry or the cable is pointing downwards.
  • Choose suitable place of installation and correct pump orientation.

  • Make sure, that isolation valves and a check-valve (∆pmax = 0,2 kPa or 20mbar) are mounted.

  • Take care of strainless pump installation.
  • Look out for correct flow direction.

VORSICHT! Anlage unter Druck!

  • Vor Arbeiten an Motor- bzw. Pumpenverschraubung die Absperrventile schließen.
  • For turning the pump motor (cable outlet should show downwards) loosen M6-screws, …

  • … turn the pump motor, …

  • … then tighten the screws again
    (max. 5 Nm).

  1. Demounting the pump motor completely from pump housing is necessary only for reasons of maintenance (see chapter Servicing).  
  2. The pump is equipped with a dry run protection. A lack of water in the pump housing is recognised immediately by the pump electronics. Rotor run will be interrupted in order to avoid early wear of the rotor bearing. The rotor runs continuously in a circuit being completely vented.