Danger! Danger of electrocution!

  • Disconnect motor from power supply and ensure it cannot be reconnected unintentionally.
  • Check if pump is de-energized.

Warning! Danger of scalding through hot water!

  • Avoid direct contact with hot water.
  • Every time the motor is opened, replace the O-ring.
  • For servicing close the isolation valves.

  • Demount M6-screws completely.

  • Remove pump motor.

  • Carefully lift off the rotor.

  • Remove lime from rotor and rotor can using standard descaler. Eventually exchange rotor. Use smooth cleaning aids (cloth, brush, toothstick). Don‘t use hard, metallic devices.

  • Replace rotor on bearing pin.

  • Dispose of used O-ring.

  • Insert new O-ring into the pump housing and press slightly into place.

  • Remount pump motor.

  • Tighten M6-screws
    (max. 5 Nm).