Maintenance and r

DANGER! Electric shock can kill!

  • Before working on the pump, disconnect from the power supply and secure against reconnection.
  • Check that no voltage is present.

DANGER! Pressurised system!

  • Before working on the motor or pump connections, close the shut-off valves.

WARNING! Risk of scalding due to hot water!

  • Avoid direct contact with escaping hot water.
  • The pump housing can similarly reach a high temperature due to the hot medium being pumped.
  • Whenever the motor is opened up, replace the seal in the pump housing.
  • For maintenance, first close the shut-off valves.

  • Unscrew the motor from the pump housing …

  • … Carefully lift the rotor off the bearing pin.

  • Using a limescale remover, free the rotor and separating cap of limescale. If necessary, replace the rotor. Use only soft, non-metallic tools (e.g. brush, cloth, toothpick).

  • Reposition the rotor on the bearing pin.

  • Remove the old seal.

  • Insert new seal into the pump housing …

  • … and reattach the motor to the pump housing.

  • Retighten the union nut (max. 20 Nm).

  • Slowly open the shut-off valves again.

  • To vent any remaining air, switch the pump on and off several times …

  • … and open the DHW tap several times …

  • … until the pump runs quietly.