Installation cond

  1. The cable box should be installed on the DHW flow (regardless of the type of DHW heating system).
  2. The optimum distance from the cable box to the DHW heater is 20–30 cm (for a plastic/composite pipe) or 50 cm (for a metal pipe).
  1. If the flow line exits vertically from the DHW heater, fit a U-bend upstream of the sensor installation location. Otherwise DHW draw-off will not be detected as the temperature change will be too small.
  2. If a mixer tap is installed, install the cable box at an appropriate distance downstream of the mixer tap.
  3. Install the cable box only on a straight section of pipe (without bends, corrugations, taps or tee-joints).
  4. The DHW heating system must deliver a constant temperature level of at least 50 °C (except during night setback), in accordance with the technical regulations. Otherwise the required level of DHW convenience cannot be guaranteed.
  5. Branched pipework systems (multiple-circuit systems) must be hydraulically balanced by means of regulating valves in the return lines. Otherwise the level of convenience may be adversely affected as the pump may switch off too early.


  1. The pump requires a permanent power supply.
  • Do not connect the pump to an additional controller or timer.
  1. If the power supply is interrupted
    – all learnt switching commands are deleted,
    – the previously set operating state is retained.
  1. If hot water is not available directly after opening a tap, turn the tap off again and wait for circulation to start.