Installing the se

  1. The sensor cable is already factory-fitted to the module (A).
  2. If the sensor cable is pulled out, it can be reconnected to the module. Carefully reinsert the blue cable plug into the rubber sleeve (A) on the module.
  3. Do not cut the retaining thread (B) between the cable box and the module cap until the cable box is to be installed.
  4. Determine the distance from the pump to the installation position of the cable box. Do not pull the sensor cable further out of the cable box than is absolutely necessary. The maximum length of the sensor cable is 2.5 m. A 5 m sensor cable is available as an accessory.


The sensor cable can be unwound only as long as the plug on the other end of the sensor cable (C) has not yet been plugged into the contact pins on the sensor.

  • Once the sensor cable has been unwound, slide plug (C) onto the two contact pins on the sensor so that the retaining lugs on the left and right click into place.

  • Secure the cable box to the DHW flow line only using the integral cable tie.

  • Ensure good contact between the sensor and the DHW flow line (do not use any additional materials such as thermal paste!).

  • Do not exert mechanical strain on the cable box (do not enclose in insulation!).

WARNING! Loose sensor cable is a trip hazard.

  • After fitting the sensor cable, secure it with cable ties (supplied).

  1. The pump and self-learning module are now ready for operation. When the power supply is connected, the LED for Comfort setting 3 (default setting) lights up. The pump starts and the learning process begins.