Product descripti

The BWO 155 BlueOne pumps are DHW circulation pumps driven by a high efficiency, electronically commuted DC motor. The are built on the original VORTEX spherical motor principle and contain a permanent magnet spherical motor.

The speed of the pump is infinitely adjustable. 

The pump has LEDs and pushbuttons to display and set the operating state.


With the cable box installed on the flow line (see chapter ‘Installation conditions’), the pump operates as follows:

The self-learning module

  1. quickly and automatically learns the times when the users typically draw off DHW. Once it has learned these times, DHW provision is ensured predictively.
  2. automatically identifies variations from typical DHW usage, along with weekends, periods of absence and clock changes.
  3. has legionella protection functions (disinfection program detection1 and a daily circulation cycle of 15 minutes during absences of 24 hours or more).
  4. switches the pump off as soon as the PCB detects that hot water is available in the DHW circuit.

With the BWO 155 SL pump, pump run times can be reduced to a minimum. This does not contravene technical regulations, since the legionella protection required by these regulations is achieved by means of appropriate protective functions (see above). This is conditional on hygienically ideal installation and operation of the circulation system.

1 On condition that the DHW heater has a legionella function.