Product descripti

The BWO 155 BlueOne pumps are DHW circulation pumps driven by a high efficiency, electronically commuted DC motor. They are built on the original VORTEX spherical motor principle and contain a permanent magnet spherical motor.

The speed of the pump is infinitely adjustable.

The pump has LEDs and pushbuttons to display and set the operating state.


  1. The pump runs according to the set running times.
  2. The time and running times are displayed by LEDs (time: red; running times: green; smallest time segment = 30 min).
  3. In the event of a power failure, the time stops (no power reserve). The selected running times are retained. Once the power supply is restored, the pump runs in the operating state that was last set. The time may have to be set again.
  4. KT version: The pump is equipped with a thermostat. At a water temperature above 55 °C, the pump switches OFF; it switches back ON when the water has cooled down to below 45 °C. The thermostat function is only active during the selected running times (LEDs with steady green light).