Setting running t

  • Press Continue (1) repeatedly until the setting mode LED (3) has a steady green light. The time LED (6) has a flashing red light.
  • Confirm the time with OK (10). The time LED (6) has a steady red light. The running time LED (7) 0:00–0:30 h has a flashing green light.

Adding or deleting running times

  • Press the setting button (8) repeatedly until the flashing running time LED is on the first required time segment (e.g. 8:00–8:30 h).
  • To activate the time segment or delete an already activated time segment, press OK (10). The LED now has a steady green light or is off and the next time segment has a flashing green light.
  • Activate this and subsequent time segments in the same way.
  • To skip time segments, press the setting button (8) repeatedly. Then press OK (10) to activate or delete other time segments.
  • When you have set all times, press Continue (1) to exit setting mode. Timer mode LED (4) lights up. The selected running times are indicated.

Example of a setting

  1. The time LED (6) is between 9:30 and 10:00 h.
  2. Running times (7):
    - 06:00–07:30 h
    - 11:00–13:30 h
    - 15:30–18:30 h
    - 20:00–20:30 h
    - 21:00–21:30 h
    - 22:00–22:30 h