Product descripti

The BWO 155 BlueOne pumps are DHW circulation pumps driven by a high efficiency, electronically commuted DC motor. They are built on the original VORTEX spherical motor principle and contain a permanent magnet spherical motor.

The speed of the pump is infinitely adjustable.


  1. The 24 h dial arrow points to the current time.
  2. The pump runs according to the set running times (smallest time segment = 15 min).
  3. The set running times are retained (non-volatile) in case of power failure. The 24 h dial may have to be set again to the current time.
  4. KT version: The pump is equipped with a thermostat. At a water temperature above 55 °C, the pump switches OFF; it switches back ON when the water has cooled down to below 45 °C. The thermostat function is only active for the selected running times.