Flushing and vent

Careful! Dry-running will damage the bearings!

  • Flush pipework thoroughly with water and vent it.


  • Disconnect the pump from the power supply and secure against reconnection.
  • Check that no voltage is present.

Danger! Pressurised system!

  • Before working on the motor or pump connections, close the shut-off valves.

Warning! Risk of scalding due to hot water!

  • Avoid direct contact with escaping hot water.
  • The pump housing can similarly reach a high temperature due to the hot medium being pumped.

  • To vent, first close the isolation valves.

  • Unscrew bleeder screw completely …

  • … and fix a usual drain valve with ¼“-thread connection.

  • Open isolation valve in front of pump inlet and vent pump by opening the drain valve. Make sure, that return line gets completely vented.

  • Close isolation valve in front of pump inlet, unscrew drain valve, …

  • … and remount bleeder screw to pump housing.

  • Slowly open the isolation valves again.