These instructions are valid for all series named. They describe how to use the product safely and correctly during all operating phases.

Warning labels and symbols

General safety instructions

  1. Installation of pump must be performed by qualified personnel only.
  2. Keep the operating instructions and other applicable documents complete, in a legible condition and permanently accessible.
  3. Read the operating instructions and make sure you understand them before working on the pump.
  4. This circulator is suitable for drinking water only.
  5. Only operate the pump if it is in perfect technical condition; only use it as intended, staying aware of safety and risks, and adhering to the instructions in this manual.
  6. Before carrying out any installation or maintenance work, disconnect motor from power supply and ensure it cannot be reconnected unintentionally.
  7. This device can be used, cleaned or maintained by children aged from 8 years, by persons with limited physical, sensory or mental faculties as well as by persons with limited experience or lack of knowledge if they are under supervision or after they have been instructed for the safe use of the device and understand the resulting dangers. Children must not play with the device.