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For the first time in the industry, digital operating instructions can be called up on the pump front using a QR code.

VORTEX developed the operating instructions from installation to maintenance from scratch: for the first time in the industry, they can be called up purely digitally on the pump front via QR code. Away from the classic component explanation towards a problem-oriented interactive application explanation.

For this we were awarded the Red Dot Award for Interface Design 2023 and the German Design Award!

The Red Dot Award, which was first presented in Essen in 1955, has developed into one of the world's most prestigious design awards. These days, it is more than just a design competition - it also highlights current and future trends in communication design.

> Digital operating instructions


Redesigned pump fronts for an optimal user experience

The new user experience makes it possible to carry out complex processes safely and as quickly as possible, thereby significantly improving the duration and service quality of installation and maintenance. Problem solutions are explained step by step in simple steps and optionally supported by video.

> Digital operating instructions


Always available and always up-to-date

The digital operating manual can continue to grow and adapt flexibly to new user needs and situations at any time.

Global digital availability in 15 languages has enabled us to reduce paper consumption in the long term.

> Digital operating instructions

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